We have been tried to load historical data in Future. However, on checking, the rates were 20-30 times too high.  
Could you give me instruction how to load history data from Excel file into Future? 



The problem is probably that data for production in the month was incorrectly loaded as being "Rates per calendar day"

Summary instructions for loading historical data from Excel are as follows:

Click on 

Main Menu > Import > Production Table from Excel


See screen shot below. Points to note

·         When you select the Excel range, miss out the header cells

·         Specify that the data is "Production in time period" (or whatever it is)

·         Ensure that the operating days / uptime fraction is appropriate (cum op days for cum data; operating days in the time period for "Time period" data; uptime fraction for "Rate per Calendar day" data)

·         Ensure units are correct

·         Specify the destination Spectre and click the box to specify that this is historical data

·         Choose the option to delete the erroneous data in the destination Spectre.


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