I am working this weekend at the office and I am getting an error when I run the OML137 model.

Interestingly enough the model runs and the 1P and 2P cases so the full life of the field (2033) but the 3P file stops in 2021.
When I paged through the log file I found this error message the time the 3P stopped running

Description - U_O Central PF Oil - Calculated rate (38362.5053287518) exceeds constraint (30000), probably because of Simplex round-off error. Contact Serafim or try changing Network Simplex EPS from 1.000E-010 to 1.000E-009
   at FUTURE.Node.CheckCalculatedVsConstraintRate(Object CalculatedRate, Object ConstraintRate, String NameOfFluid, String FluidUnits)
   at FUTURE.Node.ReadSolutionValuesThatAreNotVariablesOrExpressions()
   at FUTURE.Network.SolveSimplex()
   at FUTURE.Network.Solve()

Do you have any suggestions for me to get the runs completed? 

I suggest you try changing the network EPS (convergence criteria) to 1E~9 in Main menu > Edit > Edit Networks