We have had a request to run Future on our citrix environment so it can be accessed from home. Is this possible? How does it work in relation to the activation code etc…?


With Citrix,

·         If they are using the .msi deployed version, they should find the short-cuts as normal

·         If they are using the ClickOnce deployed version and the normal short-cut is not there, they should run/cache FUTURE from the Serafim website (as normal for using FUTURE for the first time on a new machine).

If the users use the “License authorisation from Database” option, then there is no problem with the codes - the user just needs to log-on to the database as usual. If the users use "License authorisation per machine", then the user needs to input a code specific to the Citrix server (not the code used on their normal desktop machine). Users can obtain such a code from Serafim (after informing Serafim of the relevant machine "Installation ID" - see below), but this may take some time. So if your company is going to be using Citrix a lot, we would suggest you either use "From database" license authorisation or contact us in advance to generate "Per machine" authorisation codes for all your Citrix servers.