Havingpassed on your info tothe right people in our IT department they have said that they can allow ClickOnce installations if itpasses the various tests/processes to ensure security, suitability, compatibility, resource availability, support and admin model, etc. Not quite sure what that all entails but will get to the bottom of it.

As such,I have now tried a ClickOnce install but it comes up with the following:

Picture (Device Independent Bitmap)

I have a Windows7 64bit workstation, so tried the install of Future 64bit. The log file (attached) came up with the following:


- The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden.

So not sure if it’s getting blocked, any thoughts?


The error is probably due to your proxy server blocking .dll.deploy files. See



Just checked our records and found that a similar problem was encountered in March of this year with a corporate system that blocked the download of MS Access files (the other companies using FUTURE did not encounter the problem). So I suspect it is a question of your proxy server rules.


In that case, we solved the problem by removing the relevant file from the download (it was just a template that we converted to a SqlServerCe file), but note that FUTURE cannot easily do without these .dll files. Hence, you may want to ask IT to look at ways of allowing such access.